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Not all, not me

Thia Griffin-Elliott
1 min readOct 4, 2019


Not all men

Not all white

Not all straight

Not all cis

Not all able

Not all parents

Not all coaches

Not all teachers

Not all preachers

Not all cops

Not all agents

Not all bosses

Not all owners

Not all politicians

Not all celebrities

Not all parties

Not all companies

Not all industries

Not all rich

Not all strong

Not all powerful

Not all

Not all

Not all



Most didn’t…

Most don’t…

Most wouldn’t…

Most won’t…

Not me!

Not here!

Not my friend!

Not my partner!

Not my kid!

Not my family!

Not my community!

Not my company!

Not my religion!

Not my pastor!

Not my precinct!

Not my experience!

Not my knowledge!

Not my problem!

Not my responsibility!

Not my

Not my

Not my

Not mine!

I didn’t!

I don’t

I wouldn’t!

I won’t

I’d never!

But, they did.

They do.

They are.

They would.

And, they will.

Enough did.

Enough are.

Enough would.

Enough will.



“Not-” is not enough.



Thia Griffin-Elliott

Transfemme/nonbinary polymath with experience in the arts, chemistry, oceanography, nonprofits, web development, and marketing. Pronouns: They/Them/She/Her